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Home Remedy for Staph Infection

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"Home Remedy for Staph Infection"
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My daughter has been fighting staph infections for a year. She gets boils which have to be lanced and a core taken out of them, then she's put on antibiotics. As soon as the antibiotics run out, she gets another staph infection.

I was doing some research on the internet on staph infections and MRSA and found an article about using garlic. So the next time she got a staph infection, we put some ground garlic on it. It was the stuff you get in a jar from the grocery store. We cleanded he area, then put some crushed garlic on it and put a bandaid over it. She said it burned like crazy but was able to stand it for a few hours. Then she took the garlic off and washed the area again. The next day, there was a noticable improvement, so we put more garlic on it. This seems to be a real cure for her staph infections. She's also taking oral garlic pills now, too. The garlic poultice is only a cure for the sores coming up. The staph is still in her blood, that's why the garlic pills.

Also, her husband had six sores on his calf. The sores had been there for a month and his calf was red and swollen. He refused to go to the doctor. So we put the garlic on each of the sores. Within 24 hours, the swelling was almost gone and the sores were starting to clear up. I think it took about a week to get rid of all of them. Now when he has a sore coming up, he puts garlic on it and it's gone with 24 hours.

If anyone knows of somoene who is suffering from staph infections, try to get them to try garlic. It's worth a try and certaily won't hurt anything.
There has been a new development in my daughter's fight with her staph infections. We had a cat that was mostly an outside cat. The cat would occasinally have sores which we attributed to being in fights. It was hit by a car and died. When the cat died, the staph infections stopped. I have heard that animals can carry the staph bacteria. Especially older animals. If someone has recurring staph infections and they also have a pet that occasionally gets suspicious sores, it might be wise to check with a veterinarian to see if the animal is carrying staph.
As a pet owner, I understand we don't want to feel that our pets could transfer this type of illness to us. And it would be too heart-breaking to consider removing the pet from the home. But if the animal does have staph, it is suffering just like we do and needs to see a doctor. If the animal is carrying staph, a veterinarian should be able to treat it.
Also, I have heard of a homeopathic flea and tick repellent that uses garlic. If garlic works in people to get rid of a staph infection, it may work in animals as well.

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