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Ingrown toenails can become a major problem for some people especially if they suffer from diabetes. Usually it is the big toe that is affected when the nail changes and grows wider than the skin cannot accommodate it. When this happens the nail grows into the skin causing pain for those that suffer from them. This can lead to infection if it is left untreated. There are not many people that will go scurrying to their doctor for an ingrown toenail and you do not have to when there are home remedies for ingrown toenails right at home.


If you are suffering with an ingrown toenail the best thing you can do is soak your feet to soften the nail and the skin surrounding it. Place some warm water in a tub and add a tablespoon of Epsom salts. You can repeat this twice a day if you need it. Another good soak is using an anti-bacterial solution and soak your foot for approximately thirty minutes. This will help any inflammation that may be present.


There is one thing you should not do to your toe. You should never try to hook out the nail yourself by using a nail file or anything of that nature. It is better to place an antibiotic ointment on your toe and wrap it up overnight. If you hook at your ingrown nail it may cause infection if there is none present already.

The cut

There is a way you can help avoid ingrown toenails. Don’t wear tight shoes and when you cut your toenails cut the nail straight across instead of down in the corners. Don’t try to cut your toenails to short. By cutting the nail straight across the nail will not have the same opportunity to grow into the skin. This can make a big difference in avoiding ingrown toenails.

Losing a toenail

When you lose a toenail it is the right circumstance to develop ingrown toenails as it grows back. Protect your feet from accidents especially if you are at a swimming pool or bowling alley. An injury to your toe can really make for more pain than the initial accident in the way of an ingrown toenail.


If you have a real bad ingrown toenail make your own poultice at home. Bring a small amount of bread and water to a boil and squeeze as much water out of the bread as you can possibly get out. Take some anti-inflammatory ointment and place on the bread. Place this on a sterilized bandage. When it is cool enough place it on your toe and wrap your foot in gauze. Leave it over night. When you wake in the morning your toe should be feeling a lot better.


When going for a pedicure make sure that all the instruments are sterile and clean. Do not tolerate having anything metal used for your toenails. There are plenty of other options that make this unnecessary.

Ingrown toenails can be literally a pain. There are ways to avoid them and ways to treat them once you have one. Just think about home remedies and try them. You will be amazed at how much better your toe feels with home remedies for ingrown toenails.

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