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Health Benefit of Cardamom Natural Mouth Freshner Anti Snake Venom

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"Health Benefit of Cardamom Natural Mouth Freshner Anti Snake Venom"
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Cardamom or “Elettaria cardamom” as known in Latin is also known as "ela" in Sanskrit.  Since ages this herb is well known for its value as spice and herb in South East Asian Countries. One can see two types of version of this seeds either green or black. This spice has been in our dishes and menus not just in these countries, but one can see it even in some of the European countries like Finland. Here are some of the health benefits of these herbs.

 Mouth Freshener:

 Need a healthy mouth freshener free of aspartame and sugar try cardamom? Since ages Ayurveda recommends the use of this small herb cum spice to keep our mouth fresh. It is known that cardamom contains cineole a potent antiseptic that kills bad breathe bacteria form the mouth. Thus it works as a mouth freshener and also to treat Halitosis.

 Motion Sickness /Vomiting:

One of the best known uses of cardamom is to use this simple spice is for treating motion sickness. It is said in many traditional practises that eating cardamom can help from severe case of vomiting, travel related sickness. Keep some seeds in the mouth while going by bus or even traveling by flight and see how one could be fine without any motion sickness.

 Respiratory conditions:

 For those who have constant sore throat or cough or just plain chest infection Cardamom is proved to be God send. Roast some of the seeds and pod and then mix them together with some black pepper and cloves. Take some honey and mix this combination to have it constantly as a finger lick. Cardamom in the recent days is known to contain cineole that also works as an expectorant thus helping in such conditions including laryngitis and tuberculosis.

 Digestion Issues:

 The Chinese variety of Cardamom has been used for a long time to treat different digestive conditions like stomach ache, constipation and even dysentery.

  Kidney stone:
In a recent research done in Leh and Ladak rural areas of India and Nepal scientist have confirmed the successful use of this spice cardamom to treat different conditions of the kidney including kidney stones. Some have even seen the use of this herb for gall stone.  

  Anti dote:
Many healers in South Asia have been successfully using this herb for centuries as an antidote for snake venom and scorpion. Modern researches have yet to prove these facts.

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