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Healing from an Emotional Breakdown

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"Healing from an Emotional Breakdown"
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There are times when the stress of life can be so difficult to deal with, that the body simply overloads, and refuses to deal with any other issues. It's called a mental breakdown. Many people have experienced this phenomenon, some are even completely unaware that one has occurred, but they do go on living. When they are once again able to deal with the events in their life then they move onward once again.

If you have suffered an emotional breakdown rest assured that you too will one day be able to cope once again with the stresses of every day life. You will be whole again and you will want to start living your life once again. You will be able to once again experience the joy of truly and completely living your life again.

A mental breakdown can occur whenever an event, or series of events in our life, is so traumatic or beyond our control to deal with it that our body simply stops trying to. Divorce, financial difficulties, the death of a loved one, overwork, extreme events that one is unable to deal with, or a violent encounter may trigger an emotional breakdown.

The body retreats from the stress by going into a resting state. It is believed the body undergoes a nervous breakdown in an attempt to recover from the trauma it was subjected to, and to recoup, so that it is once again strong enough to deal with the situation at hand.The person suffering a nervous or mental breakdown may find it difficult to perform even the most basic of everyday functions. They may simple decide to stay in bed, and only get up to eat, drink, and relieve themselves. This is actually very normal behavior for this type of situation.

The trauma of emotional stress not only affects the brain, it has an effect on a person's entire body, and rest may be required for rebuilding to occur. There can be physical after effects of a mental breakdown, and these can last for years after the event itself has occurred, the healing time required will be individual to each person. As a person's physical strength returns, and they begin to find ways to cope emotionally with the issues that were so previously stressful to them, then they will begin to recover.

So exactly how does one start again after a breakdown? You simply, and slowly, begin to function again.You start by breaking the large picture into smaller and much easier to deal with pieces. You then deal with these now smaller issues as you are able to.

Often the huge bundle of issues we face is overwhelming and we lose sight of our ability to cope with it. If we can instead look at our problems in small sections we are more able to chip away at the tiny pieces till the overall picture becomes a smaller more manageable scenario. By making the big emotional monster from before just a wee bit smaller and less threatening we bring control over our current situation back into our lifestyle.

Seek physiological help to enable you to understand the changes that have occurred in your body and the events that you will physiologically undergo during recovery. You may be more physically fatigued for awhile as your body recovers from the extreme emotional and physical stress that it has undergone. This is normal.

You may also experience extreme emotional highs and lows for a few years after your mental breakdown. This is all very normal. The neurons in your brain may fire randomly while you heal, and these disruptions can cause you to experience sudden and unexpected feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, or panic. Just keep telling yourself that it is okay and a perfectly normal part of the recovery process. These attacks should slowly diminish over time until they completely disappear.

The body has an immense will to recover but it will take your strength of character to insure that it does happen.

Allow your body the rest it needs during this time but also continue to go through as many of the basic processes of living that you are able to. Try not to overload your body, or you mind, with unnecessary stresses during this period. Understand that you are not alone in this.There are many other people who have gone through exactly the same things that you are now experiencing.

If you need help in dealing with the changes that you are experiencing then please consult with your medical doctor.


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