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Harmful Effects of Carbonated Water

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"Harmful Effects of Carbonated Water"
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Any consumable liquid substance containing carbon dioxide provides a great and refreshing taste and is equally tantalizing to your taste buds. The carbon dioxide is dissolved in plain water during the manufacturing process, but carbon dioxide occurs naturally in sparkling mineral-water springs. There is proof that carbonated water has both good and bad effects on the health. Meanwhile there is no substantial evidence that carbonation itself produce harm in the body, it definitely contribute to the problem.

The fact that carbonated water carry some benefits, with the best intentions, sometimes we have to do things in moderation and do not over-indulge. Medicine, herbs and other ailments or cures does help the body, but over-dosing can pose a problem. The issue here is water, and it is something that is ingested frequently, maybe several times of the day and everyday. If carbonated water is taken in this manner, then this is where it could be harmful to the body.

Carbonated water absorbs calcium due to its acid content, and this leads to weakening of the bones. Losing calcium at a young age results in tiredness as the bones may not be able to support your body weight. Your teeth are also weakened with an increased intake of carbonated water. This type of water is not easily digested, compared to normal water. The digestion of carbonated water is a long process. This causes frequent urination due to excess water, as the kidney is pressurized. Carbonated water cannot eliminate toxins from the system; therefore you may realize that your skin gets dull because of the dirt within.

Too much carbonated water upset your body system for longer periods. Experts have discovered that there is a relation between cancer and carbonation, as too much carbonated water leads to a risk of cancer. Persons who are addicted to it are at a higher risk. It is believed that carbonation can also promote kidney stones; therefore carbonated water is not good for people with kidney stones.

Carbonated water and the harmful effects associated with it came into investigation a few years ago even though it has been around for decades. Meanwhile, it is fine to drink carbonated water, probably for the taste and mineral content or the benefits such as reduced cholesterol levels and a reduce risk of heart disease. Regardless, carbonated water must be taken occasionally. Bear in mind the harmful effects outweighs the benefits, and moderation is the key.

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