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Gift Ideas for the Wheelchair Bound

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"Gift Ideas for the Wheelchair Bound"
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It can be a bit overwhelming trying to find a gift for a relative or a friend in a wheelchair, since wheelchairs often limit that person's ability to move around and perform day-to-day tasks many of us consider to be rudimentary. In a society, where not much emphasis is placed on the ill, handicapped and the ailing, it is hard to even know where to search, let along shop, for the right gifts for the people with slightly less conventional needs than the rest of the population. But considering the wheelchair-bound person's physical limitations first, we can narrow down a list of gift to a manageable amount.


Though many wheelchair-bound individuals are perfectly capable of dressing themselves without any additional help, they still require more time and energy accomplishing such goals as buttoning up pants. So if you are buying clothing as a gift to a person in a wheelchair, consider buying such articles of clothing that can look stylish and comfortable without being overly complicated to put on. For example, in the winter time all of us require additional layers of clothing to protect us from frost bites and cold winds. With that in mind, think about buying a poncho as an easy alternative, or an addition, to a coat. Ponchos, unlike coats, do not require buttons or zippers, and can be easily placed over the head and positioned into place. Stretchable or wide-leg pants are also easier to put on than regular pants or jeans with tight zippers and buttons.


Accessories are always considerably easier to shop for than clothing, since accessories do not face many of the same limitations that clothing does. For example, a scarf, a necklace or a bracelet are all great gifts for a fashionable female. A watch is another great wrist accessory that anyone, man or woman, can appreciate. Another unique idea is to give a pocketbook with a strap long enough to be placed around a shoulder, so that way a person in a wheelchair can carry a pocketbook without worrying about dropping it and not being able to pick it up. Pockets to attach to the back of the wheelchair to hold personal items will be appreciated as well.


There are obvious limitations for a wheelchair-bound person when moving round and about a house that need to be considered when buying housewares as a gift for that individual. For example, sometimes regular tables can be too high for a person in a wheelchair to be able to sit at them comfortably and enjoy their day-to-day meals. If that is the case with someone you know, a good idea would be buying a small adjustable table on wheels that can be rolled in front of a wheelchair and can give a person an ability to write, eat, and read without experiencing discomfort. There are also EasyCare beds which are very popular due to their ease of operation and cleaning. In general, wheelchair-bound loved ones will surely appreciate the furniture that will give them a sense of independence which they may have felt like they did not have.

Of course, do not limit your imagination to necessarily buying gifts that are geared towards the wheelchair-bound or the handicapped. Buying things that do not address the issues of their inabilities and limitations, such as books, mp3 players, boardgames, are always great, whether you want you want to give a gift to commemorate a special occasion, or simply to brighten up someone's day.

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