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Getting Rid of Bumps on your Tongue

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"Getting Rid of Bumps on your Tongue"
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Gahh! Bumps on the tongue! Never fear, you do not have smallpox or any other kind of pox. So a pox on those concerns! The nice thing is, you don't really have to do much to get rid of the bumps on your tongue, if you don't want them there. The truth is that bumps on your tongue are usually a sign of an imbalance, and are sometimes a sign of an allergic reaction.

Thus, if you really would like to remove those bumps, don't take a rasp or something equally awful to them. Here are some common approaches to getting rid of bumps on your tongue:

First, if you are suffering with these unsightly and uncomfortable bumps on your tongue, try taking an antihistamine. Why? Good question. Bumps on the tongue are often some kind of allergic reaction, either to something you ate or something in the environment. These allergens could include pollen, dust, milk, seafood or something else. The antihistamine blocks the allergic reaction. So try an antihistamine such as Benadryl and wait to see if the bumps become history.

If the antihistamine works, your next move should be to try to figure out what caused the allergic reaction. Identify some likely suspects and eliminate them all from your diet. Then add one back in at a time. When the bumps on your tongue show up again, you will know which food caused them.

Incidentally, you can take the same medicine, usually, to get rid of hives.

Second, and this is quite similar to the issue above, think about what you have recently eaten. There are times that you get bumps on your tongue due to some kind of minor chemical imbalance. Thus, try to identify what set off the balance of your chemistry and then take steps to re-balance said chemistry. This might require the elimination technique outlined above.

Thirdly, you may need to see a doctor. If these bumps don't go away soon, you may have a form of oral herpes or an oral ulcer. These conditions require a doctor's attention, so be sure to get whatever help you may need. You might be tempted to take over the counter medicine for the bumps on your tongue if you think you have oral herpes or oral ulcers, but you need to resist the temptation. Your best bet will be to go to your care provider and he or she will help you get to the bottom of the mystery.

Good luck with the bumps!

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