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Foods that Increase Testosterone

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"Foods that Increase Testosterone"
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Eating the right foods can increase a man's testosterone levels. There has been much research recently regarding the natural fall in a man's testosterone levels as he ages, known commonly as the male menopause. Testosterone is responsible for a man's increased muscle mass and strength and his sex drive and function. Loss of this can lead to depression and weight gain as well as general ill health and malaise. Men make testosterone from estrogens in their bodies.

There are drugs available to treat this but natural dietary methods are a good place to start.

Many vegetables are high in estrogen like chemicals and these need to be avoided. Instead men should try and maximize their intake of vegetables rich in Indole 3 carbinol (I3C). I3C shuts down the system in a man's body that produces "bad estrogen" and switches up the production of "good estrogens" that are converted to testosterone. The vegetables that are rich in I3C are the dark green leafy ones, broccoli, kale, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. In fact all vegetables from the cruciferous group contain high levels of I3C.

The diet should be high in zinc, which is obtained primarily from meat. Vegetarians have to eat a large amount of peanuts, beans and pumpkin seeds to obtain zinc; it is not as easily absorbed from vegetable sources as from meat. Zinc is vital for male sexual function. The meat does not have to red meat, chicken, salmon, and shellfish such as oysters are all good sources.

Vitamin A is important in testosterone production. Good sources of this in a healthy diet are the dark green leafy vegetables, salmon, and red and orange fruits and vegetables.

Salmon has an added benefit in that it reduces a chemical in the blood stream called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). When testosterone encounters SHBG in the blood it is effectively mopped up and taken out of circulation.

If you are trying to increase your testosterone there are certain foods you should avoid. Caffeine is bad as it leads to over stimulation of the adrenal glands and then adrenal exhaustion, stopping testosterone production. Fried and fatty foods and sugar have the same effect. Adrenal exhaustion can also occur as the result of not enough sleep and too much stress

In general it can be seen that the foods that are recommended to increase the testosterone levels in the body are the same ones that are recommended in a healthy diet for every-one, particularly for a healthy heart. By following a good diet for your general health you are following a good diet to increase your testosterone.

In addition there are herbal supplements available, the best known of which is Tribulus.

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