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Foods Avoid Pregnant Unborn

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"Foods Avoid Pregnant Unborn"
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Do you plan to have a baby or are you pregnant? You should know what you should avoid so your baby will be born healthy. If you don’t avoid them, you may feel uncomfortable during pregnancy time and also harm the baby.

Remember that you also need some nutrition to keep you and your baby healthy. Sometimes, you just have to remember to be careful in consuming foods. Many foods aren’t forbidden but if they’re wrongly prepared, they may harm your baby.


Pregnant mother needs to consume fish to get Omega3 and DHA which can boost baby’s intelligence. But for some cases, it could be forbidden and should be avoided. Some fish contain mercury which is harmful for the unborn. Mercury in some kinds of fish can cause brain damage for the unborn as they aged. It will harm your baby’s nervous system.

Try to avoid canned tuna, shark, king mackerel, tilefish or other fish that were caught from contaminated lake or sea. You may eat catfish, shrimp or salmon that contains low level or mercury up to 12 ounces/week. Raw fish like sushi should be avoided too. Parasite and bacteria in raw fish could harm pregnant mother or her baby.

Raw or Undercooked Eggs

Raw or undercooked eggs may contain Salmonella. Although it usually affects only the pregnant mother, for some rare cases, it may harm your unborn baby. When pregnant mother gets salmonella from eating raw or undercooked eggs, she may get fever, nausea, stomachache or dehydration. If she catches dehydration and it becomes severe, pregnant mother may experience miscarriage or premature delivery.

If you are pregnant and like eggs, cook it well. Avoid raw and undercooked eggs, mayonnaise, raw cookie or cake dough, and any food or beverage that contains raw eggs. Keep the raw eggs in refrigerator before cooking so salmonella won’t have chance to grow. Make sure you have cleaned your cooking utensils that had contacted with raw eggs before using it for others. Wash your hands too after cooking. It will really prevent the spread of salmonella into your body.

Raw or Undercooked Meats

Raw or undercooked meats may contain Salmonella and Toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can be really dangerous for unborn babies. It may cause pregnancy failure or miscarriage. Although the unborn babies may still be saved, they may get hydrocephalus or other congenital defects, jaundice, or disorder of central nervous function.

So, be sure to eat well-cooked meats. Wash your hands if you are the one who cooks them meat after cooking. Clean your cooking utensils after cooking. Keep the meats refrigerated before cooking.

You may also have known that toxoplasmosis can be gotten from pets and their litter. Ask somebody else to clean their litter. Don’t let your pet go outside to prevent them from being contaminated. Wash your hands after touching them too.

Deli Meats

Deli meats and unpasteurized milk or cheese are not safe enough if you’re not pre-heat them or cook them again. They may contain Listeria. They can be as dangerous as Toxoplasmosis when they cause miscarriage. It’s unlikely happened although possible in pregnant mother who has normal immune system. But, for those who have disease linked with weakened immune system should be careful with Listeria. They have higher risk of getting Listerosis that may cause death. That’s why pregnant mother should be careful about consuming Deli meats.

Although it’s still unlikely happened, pregnant mother should be careful in consuming deli meats. It’s better not to consume it directly from fast food restaurant. It’s recommended that you buy deli meats from supermarket and cook it when you want to consume. Better be safe than sorry.

Unpasteurized Diary Products

Unpasteurized milk or cheese may contain Listeria too. But however, pregnant mothers need the calcium in diary products or they’ll get higher risk of obtaining osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is caused by the lack of calcium inside the body. Unborn babies will take some of their mothers’ calcium if they don’t have enough. The unborn babies need calcium for their bone growth.

Don’t buy the unpasteurized one to protect the unborn. Keep consuming pasteurized milk or other diary products. Don’t forget that you and your baby need the calcium.

Raw Vegetables and Fruits

Raw vegetables and fruits may contain salmonella too. Beside that, they may have pesticides. So before you consume vegetables and fruits, don’t forget to wash them. Then, cook it so the bacteria won’t survive. Pesticide in some vegetables and fruits can lower baby’s IQ.

It’s really recommended for pregnant mother to buy organic vegetables and fruits. It may be more expensive but it’s a healthier choice. If you want to make sure that vegetables which you’ve bought are safe, just wash it, cook, and keep it refrigerated. For fruits, you should wash and then peel the skin’s fruit. It’ll help to reduce pesticide contamination in it.

Remember that pregnant mother should consume fruits and vegetables. You’ll need the fiber and other nutrition in it. Don’t avoid them just because you’re afraid of pesticide or bacteria.

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