Foods Arthritis Sufferers should Avoid

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"Foods Arthritis Sufferers should Avoid"
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13 foods arthritis sufferers should avoid are:

1. Salt aggravates pain/swelling and is one of the worst for arthritic sufferers.
Stop using the salt shaker at the table, in cooking, and avoid it when you shop.

Salt causes you to have water retention and your knees swell up. Carrots have a lot of salt in them before you even use the salt shaker on them. Reading labels will show you how much salt is in canned vegetables/soups.

2. Eating caffeine, chocolate, and drinking cola type sodas will increases arthritic pain and several medicines, including Anacin, Excedrin, and Vanquish contain caffeine.

Scientists at Washington State University found caffeine makes people lose calcium in the urine. Health of your bones is threatened by arthritis or drugs used, losing calcium is a bad.

3. Having a sweet tooth is really an added handicap for a person with arthritis. Processed sugar in high concentration causes increased flare ups and pain for arthritis sufferers.

People say when they eat too much sugar their fingers swell and are inflamed. Read labels for yourself and see how much sugar you find in foods.

I tested my blood sugar for 6 months and I was asked by my doctor to see a nutritionist for 2 one hour appointments. I did as he requested and my sugar is down.

After reading labels I found out yogurt, granola bars, coke and other foods had sugar or corn syrup in which surprised me.

4. Fat and fried foods should be avoided at all times.

Bake, Broil meats, steam vegetables, do stir fries with a little olive oil. Tuna and salmon are fatty fish with highly unsaturated fat which helps to control joint inflammation.

Bad fat is the saturated kind found in butter, palm oil, and untrimmed meat condemned by the 1988 Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health. Read labels with fewer grams of fat.

5. Stay away from the nightshade vegetables like tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers of all colors. You can have black pepper but not paprika to season your food.

People ate nightshade vegetables have red hot swollen knuckles for a week before it clears.

Reading food labels you'll find nightshade vegetables on prepared foods, from chips to soup because flakes of tomatoes, starch from potatoes, and pieces of pepper can pop up anywhere.

6. Pork and smoked or processed meats such as bacon and Bologna caused increased pain. Nitrates are on lunch meat labels and will cause flare ups in arthritis.

7. Alcohol makes joints worse yet people think that they will drown out the pain by having a few drinks. Another reason to avoid alcohol is heavy drinking weakens your bones and contributes to osteoarthritis.

8. Junk foods should all be avoided. Chips have too much salt in and increases pain.

9. Highly processed starches such as white bread/flour/rice aggravate pain and inflammation.

10 Additives, preservatives and colorings in foods can cause increased pain/inflammation.
Watch out for salad bars, dressings, seasonings that have preservatives/additives/coloring.

11. Acid foods like tomatoes, vinegar, citrus fruits can cause increased pain.

12. Chocolate has to be in a category of its own as it contains sugar, fats, and caffeine and you can't say which one is worse.

Arthritis sufferers who eat chocolate say their hands and fingers feel stiff and achy.

13. Purines - Gout can be controlled by diet. The pain of gout is caused by crystals that accumulate inside the joints. The crystals come from uric acid which comes from eating foods like liver/kidney, and drinking beer/wine.

You need to keep the crystals from forming and protect yourself from painful gout attacks by avoiding foods that have purines which breakdown to form uric acid in your body. Avoid eating sardines/herring which are extremely high in purines.

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