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Finding Free List of Weight Watchers Points

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"Finding Free List of Weight Watchers Points"
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The Weight Watchers program has been helping individuals for years, lose and maintain excess weight. Focusing on a healthy diet, Weight Watchers is not considered a diet but rather a lifestyle. People learn about what foods should be eaten on a regular basis and those that should be eaten in moderation. Two separate plans are offered in order to achieve the goal of a healthy eating lifestyle.

The Core Plan has a list of foods that can be eaten which promotes the healthiest of eating habits. The Flex Plan has no restrictions on what can or cannot be consumed but rather assigns a points value to foods. Each person is allotted a certain amount of daily points based on their weight, height, age and certain other criteria. Where many individuals have pitfalls during the Flex Plan is not fully knowing the points value of some foods.

Weight Watchers has many tools that can be purchased to help finding the points value of specific foods and complete recipes. A tool kit that is usually purchased when first joining Weight Watchers will include a book that contains the points value of many popular foods. Also included in the kit is a points calculator slide. If you know the calories and the fat and fiber content of a particular food, the slide can be used to find the points value.

An electronic points calculator can be purchased separately from Weight Watchers that will figure the points value for you. Available on the Weight Watchers website are hundreds of recipes that include the points values. However, if you have your own recipe, you can utilize the website's "Recipe Builder". This function allows you to enter the ingredients of your recipe and the points per serving will be calculated for you. This option is only available to those who subscribe to Weight Watchers online.

For those individuals wanting to follow the program without the expense, there are websites available that supply Weight Watchers points of different foods and recipes absolutely free. Keep in mind that these websites are not endorsed by Weight Watchers and should only be used as a tool as some values can be incorrect. Another benefit of some of these sites is they provide recipe options that have been designed especially for those wanting to cut back on the fat and add more fiber to their diet.


This website has an extensive A Z list of many popular foods. Each food is broken down by the amount for each item along with the points value for that serving. There are some issues to take into consideration for this site. This website has provided a points value for certain recipes such as "Apple Brown Betty". Since the points value of recipes will depend upon what ingredients are used, the points value could be incorrect if your recipe is not the same as the one the was used to figure the points for the website.


This website offers a unique tool for those who dine out. Listed are many popular restaurant chains, along with their menus and the points value for that meal. This was one of the most eye opening experiences when I first joined Weight Watchers. Don't ever assume that something as innocent sounding as a "Taco Salad" is a good choice for those watching their weight.


One of the most utilized websites by those on the Weight Watchers Flex Plan, besides the Weight Watchers website, is Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. This is an extensive website that can seem overwhelming when first viewed. However, there are a multitude of tools provided and many foods are broken down in different categories. Included are different foods that can be found for 0, 1 or 3 points value. Recipes are provided along with different links to favorite ethnic foods including French, Chinese and even Creole.

Always remember that to accurately figure the points value when doing the Flex Plan, you should have the calories, fiber and fat content of the food or recipe you are planning to eat. If you have those three numbers, then figuring the points value is simple if you have a slide or electronic calculator. Learning either program is an education into what exactly is in the foods we eat which sometimes is not as healthy as we assume.

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