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Factors to consider when Planning a Family Menu

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"Factors to consider when Planning a Family Menu"
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You want your family menu to be filled with delicious and healthy food that your entire family can enjoy.  Consider the following factors when planning your menu.

Take into account any dietary restrictions your family members have

You may have a vegetarian or vegan in your family.  Someone might be watching their fat, calorie or salt intake.  Someone else might have an issue with gluten.  Make sure to take into account any of these restrictions.  It is okay to make several different things so that you can accommodate these and still allow others to have what they want.

Look for healthier recipes

How you eat can go a long way in how long you live and how healthy you are.  You want to feed your food generally healthy foods.  Just because food is healthy does not mean that it can't be delicious.  You can look into a low fat cookbook.  Include things like fresh fruits and vegetables.  See where you can substitute healthier alternatives such as whole wheat flour instead of white flour and less oil and fat in recipes.  You also want to limit sodium since this can play such a large part in giving people hypertension.  Sometimes no one ingredient in a meal is bad but when you add it all together it can be a problem.  You also are setting an example for your children in how to eat healthy. 

Find foods that your family enjoys

Obviously you want people to like your food.  Do not be afraid to try new recipes.  Although they may take a little longer at the beginning, they may quickly become second nature.  Also try things you normally wouldn't like fun ethnic foods.  One great resource is, which lists a lot of recipes in different categories and lets people rate them.  You can get the higher rated recipes. 

Give variety

You family might like a menu that includes a lot of different items.  You can have different foods during the same meal or just vary it from meal to meal. 

Consider how long the food takes to make

Different meals take much shorter or longer to make.  Think about the day and your other obligations.  When you have less time you can make something that is faster while you will have more freedom when you have more time.

Consider the expense

Different meals are more or less expensive to make.  Make sure that you plan meals that are within your budget.

You want your family menu to please your family.  Consider the above factors when planning your recipes.

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