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Factors that can Determine your Longevity

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"Factors that can Determine your Longevity"
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Factors That Can Determine Your Longevity

This writer can comment on factors of longevity from the inside, as he will be eighty-three years old in a few weeks.

The first factor in longevity is genetics. If one is fortunate in having access to three or four generations of his family history, he or she can make somewhat of a determination of the effect past family will have on how long one lives.

If there are centenarians among your grandparents and great grandparents, put a plus down, whether you and they are male or female. There is ample proof that genes may affect longevity.

If among the same elders there is much evidence of cancer, heart problems, and other threatening diseases, you may put down a minus towrd your longevity.
But regardless of those histories, everyone has a gigantic dual plus going for them:

First, medical knowledge and its application has taken extraordinary strides since grandpa died of tuberculosis, or grandma of cancer.

Second, the appearance of epidemic diseases that flourished in grandpa and grandma's day and certainly in great-grandparent's time, has largely been overcome.

What remains?

What remains is your own control over your longevity and that extends from birth to now.

If you had knowledgeable parents who birthed you properly, then scrutinized your babyhood, and made certain that you got your 'shots', and best of all, educated you to a point that you are aware of the importance of looking after yourself, you are ahead of the game.

Now, you ask yourself, I am adult, and what do I do if I want to become 100 years old?

If you WANT to become 100 years old, you already have the primary factor for attaining it...for there is a negative defeatism among people that seems to want the quiet and lack of problems that demise brings. Don't join the defeatists!
That leaves THREE areas for our discussion.

The first is general health. You must not smoke. You must drink alcohol sparingly. You must scrutinize diet and that means all of the things you eat must be planned and re-planned. It is generally accepted now that a good vegetable oriented diet, light on meats, is best for health, and that should obtain from youth through old age.

You must watch carefully and not with nervosity for signs of major health problems....cancer...other life-threatening diseases...possibilities of infection...
and when you obtain a symptom, go immediately to efficient medical correction.
Cancer and heart diseases are not now death warrants.

Last, and certainly the most important, is your attitude toward attaining 100 years or more, and what you think and do on the way. It is this writer's belief that attitude and personal happiness are the best carriers to take one to whatever longevity his other factors allow.

Be positive, read, read! Enjoy your children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!
Avoid Alzheimers through continued activity, and specifically through creative activities (like this article).
Dr. Linus Pauling, the physicist-cum-genius, who only lived to be 96, but had a formula for it, boiled his belief down to a small prescription:

"Eat lightly, floss your teeth, read,read, laugh ,laugh, attack all problems mental and physical as if going to war, love, and live long!"
Add to that a re-affirmation of the word LOVE. Love the fact that you are here. Hopefully, love one or more with whom you share. Love others, your surroundings, and your country. You'll find yourself to be a very old fellow and can even love...YOURSELF!

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