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Exercises to Trim your Midriff

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"Exercises to Trim your Midriff"
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Creating a sexy midriff seems like the most difficult thing to do when it comes to shaping your body. The midsection is a stubborn area that involves a lot of hard work and dedication when it comes to diet and exercise. Often, it’s the last place people lose fat from. A combination of cardiovascular activity like running or cycling along with a few sessions of strength training using weights and your own body weight are the best ways to lose belly fat and trim your midriff.

More specifically here are some exercises that will help you trim your midriff and want to show it off.


There are mixed feelings about doing crunches to tone your midsection. It all comes down to how you do them and whether you combine them with other exercises or focus solely on the crunches. Crunches alone won’t trim the layer of fat off your belly. For that you need aerobic exercise that will get your heart rate pumping. What crunches will do is tone the muscles underneath the layer of fat so that once it comes off, you are left with a nice trim midriff.


Boxers do a lot of skipping. It keeps them fit and toned. Skipping is also good to get rid of the fat layer from your midriff. Skipping burns a similar amount of calories to jogging and can be done in the comfort of your living room if your ceilings are high enough. Do 5 x 3 minutes of skipping every other day and you will find your midriff trimming down in as little as six weeks, given that you also put a stop to sugar and junk food.


This one is where you keep yourself balanced on your toes and forearms. The exercise looks easy but try staying in that position for a minute or more whilst keeping a straight back and squeezed tummy. Start with 3 x 20 seconds and build up until you can do three sets for one minute each.


Running is the best type of exercise to help you trim your midriff as it burns a high amount of calories. Even twenty minutes four times a week can have a positive effect on your midsection. Pick up the pace a little bit each time you run to give your body a challenge and burn extra calories. Build up from twenty minutes three times a week to forty five minutes five times a week and you’ll have a sexy looking midriff that everyone will envy.

You can help trim your midriff by doing any type of weight training which involves keeping your tummy tight, and that means pretty much every exercise. The strength training will help develop strong muscles around your midsection which are important not just for looking good but supporting your back. To get rid of fat you have to spend some time every day doing an aerobic activity. Go for a run, swim in the pool, go cycling. They will all help trim your midriff.

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