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Everything you need to know about Morgellons Disease

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"Everything you need to know about Morgellons Disease"
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Morgellons Disease is a real and thousands of people in the United States are suffering from it. I am 26 years old and have been a healthy and balanced person all my life. When I graduated from college in 2005 I decided to travel to China to find a teaching job and to learn martial arts. After staying there for a month I moved to a new dormitory and began to have itching at night. Doctors did not have any explanation for it and when I came home I also brought home the disease. Doctors back home did not know what it is and most did not believe me that I was actually sick. Symptoms include sharp, needle like bites,small fibers and black flakes coming out of the skin, and large white flakes that appear on the bedding when I wake up in the morning. So far the disease has been very resistant to drugs and I have been in the United States for a year and a half now and have only been treated by alternative medicine practices. I have been exposed to natural treatments which sound strange but here is the list (many of the supplements are to detoxify the body):

-Taking a bath in 2 teaspoons 1 x day in the evening
of Yellow Mustard Powder

-2 teaspoons of Barley Grass 2 x day
Powder in 3 oz. of water +
3 oz. of tropical juice mixed

-Lecithin 1200mg 2 capsules 2 x day

-Reishi Mushroom capsule 600mg 2 capsules 2 x day

-"Buffered" Vitamin C Powder 1/8 teaspoon in 2 oz., gargle
one mouthful at a time
for 3 minutes at a time and
swallow last mouthful

This has been the only effective treatment so far in the last year and I am still fighting it. I know many people view this as purely psychosomatic or as an allergic reaction. However, I have never had mental illness nor allergies in my life. The fact that my body and skin broke out 3 months after contraction of the disease is consistent with how parasites work: they infiltrate your system, and take time to colonize inside your digestive system for example, and then they reproduce and attack the immune system. Here are two pictures of myself including before the disease, and at the worst of it:

The Center for Disease Control also formed a research team for Morgellons Disease at May of 2006 and I do not not believe they have not publicly announced anything conclusive yet. There are also a growing number of research organizations geared towards specifically Morgellons Disease. Sorry about the long link. Thank you.

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