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Eliminating Candida Albicans

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"Eliminating Candida Albicans"
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Getting rid of Candida also means getting rid of a number of delicious snacks and desserts, particularly painful for those with a sweet tooth. There are some options, however, to help satisfy your cravings without encouraging the growth of candida.
Green and Black's Organic dark chocolate or Lindt 85 percent cocoa dark chocolate knocks after-dinner dessert cravings on their head. But keep this down to a minimum, once or twice a week. For special occasions, when you don't want to be the only one not indulging in something decadent, make chocolate-dipped strawberries. Green and Black's dark chocolate actually melts very well, but remember to do so over boiling water without getting any water into the chocolate, and that the chocolate hardens very quickly, so have everything else ready to go.
Make pancakes with Orgran Buckwheat Pancake Mix. Top with cinnamon, very good for general health, and xylitol sweetner. You can also try spreading some fruit concentrate (also good on Ryvita crisp bread or toasted rye) as a substitute to jam. Just make sure you get this from a good health shop and check that the fruit spread is sugar and preservative free. Double-check with your health practitioner if you can use honey as a topping; some homeopaths allow it on a candida diet and others do not. The same applies for dried fruit, especially raisins and sultanas, as grapes are often discouraged for people trying to eliminate candida. Blueberries are another good pancake topping.
Some health stores and large supermarkets also sell organic apple or pear puree, sometimes mixed with other fruit such as apricot, blueberries or strawberries, which offer a healthy and light way to round off a meal. Make your own apple sauce or puree by chopping apples into small pieces. Place in a pot, add some cinnamon, a little lemon juice if you are permitted citrus fruit, some xylitol sweetener if desired, and a small amount of water. Cook until apples are soft and either leave as is or blend for a smooth texture. Great to eat warm or cold.
You can make your own scones using Orgran Pastry and Pizza Multimix. Once again, you can use fruit spread instead of jam. And if it's something savoury you're after, use the same mix to make a pizza base. Add sugar and preservative free tomato paste or sauce, and grated sheep's cheese. There are several varieties of sheep and even goat's cheese that do not have their traditionally distinctive tastes. Some even taste remarkably similar to Gouda. Finally add toppings of your choice that are in keeping with a candida diet. Remember to skip the mushrooms.

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