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Effects of Obesity on Society

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"Effects of Obesity on Society"
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Obesity is a serious health issue. It is also something that has a negative impact on society as a whole. People would like to believe that obesity is no one else's business except the person who has the weight problem. That couldn't be further from the truth. The effects of obesity on society must be looked at as a whole.

Here is how obesity effects society:


Obesity causes health issues and those health issues could roll over easily into work. The people that work with obese people are put in a tough position because obese people are more likely to have to call off work due to serious health issues that can occur because of it. Health issues that cause you to miss work puts more work on everyone else that you work with. This is one of the worst effects because it puts such a strain on others who are trying to get their own work done.


Healthcare is much more difficult to handle when you are dealing with an obese person. Imagine being part of an ambulance crew that can't lift you in order to get you emergency care. Chances are, you will need to rely on those people to take you to the hospital for the heart attack that is inevitable. They may have to call in extra help to get you into the ambulance so you can get the treatment you need. This is a major problem. Ambulance crews have been known to get back injuries trying to help those who are obese get the healthcare they need.


Obese people are at a much higher risk for early death. That means your family will be left to pick up the pieces when you are no longer there. This effect is one that will devastate those people in your family who love you. It also puts a strain on them everyday that they are taking care of things that you can't because you are obese.

People don't like to face the fact that obesity doesn't just effect them. It is much easier to ignore the effects on society in general because it gives us an excuse to stay obese and not have to work at getting into good physical health. You are putting a strain on your heart and all of your other body organs when you are obese. It isn't impossible to become a healthy weight and take the pressure off society in general.


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