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Dr Suzannes Lotus Purity Cleanse Kit

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"Dr Suzannes Lotus Purity Cleanse Kit"
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Medical doctors often advise that the notion of colon detox cleansing is just an old quackery trick, disparaged in the early part of the 20th century, which has been revamped for 21st century profit. The body does a perfectly good job of cleansing itself from any toxins, yet nevertheless the gullible are willing to be persuaded that purchasing products to cleanse out parasitic worms is a must for weight loss and good health. Despite the alleged research the idea remains an unproven fallacy but there will always be someone out there prepared to try and sell a useless product for an unnecessary cure. Welcome to another of the alleged Doctor Suzanne Gudakunst’s scams, the Lotus Purity detox cleansing kit.

The fake Doctor Suzanne, who may be nothing more than a virtual model fronting a company called Web Business Secrets, sold the ridiculous idea of colonic infestations of parasitic worms making the populace fat, in the ebook scam the top secret of fat loss secret. The book advises that to rid oneself of these non existent parasites you must buy her lotus purity kit, which you can then scam sell yourself on one of her affiliated marketing ventures.

Gudakunst claims that lotus purity is “the only professionally created colon cleanser with pure highly concentrated Amazonian herbs proven to remove parasites and effortlessly remove pounds.” She fails to mention that these miraculous herbs are the same laxative ingredients found in milk of magnesia which you can buy at the drug store and don’t need to spend $88 on.

She does advise that her cleanse will make you feel ill for up to ten days and its best to stay at home near the bathroom for the first 3 days as her cleanse “flushes toxic waste and parasites away 3 times faster than any other product.” Symptoms one should expect include fatigue, headache, mood swings and lack of mental clarity. Presumably the dieter was already suffering from the last symptom when they handed over their credit card details and bought the product.

Your $88 buys you 4 bottles of supplements which are essential for the 30 day cleanse. There is a colon cleanse, a fiber cleanse, a liver cleanse and a parasite cleanse. Incidentally if you do think that you have a parasitic infestation you may be worried about weight loss rather than weight gain as worms can be quite dangerous and you would be advised to seek medical assistance from a real doctor.

The impressive list of ingredients are not FDA approved and aren’t actually miracle herbs which will cure you of all diseases, restore youth and eliminate worms you don’t have. They will have a laxative effect though but this won’t help you to lose fat, just fluids. Don’t waste your money on this product which is clearly overpriced rubbish and nets a nifty commission to those prepared to buy into Gudakunst’s health biz in a box affiliated marketing scam to further promote sales.

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