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Dr Lorraine Days 10 Step Health Plan

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"Dr Lorraine Days 10 Step Health Plan"
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If you have given up on modern medicine and believe that accepted treatments are just ways for the medical profession to kill off their patients, then the ten step health plan devised by God and promoted by Dr Lorraine Day in her books and DVD’s could give you hope, if you find that you or a loved one have a self inflicted disease.

Dr Day has managed to become an accepted face on American television, endorsing health supplements and speaking of how she cured herself from cancer. As her cure is not a medicine which she could have patented through the pharmaceutical industry she so vocally despises, she instead sells her own cure through her website in book and DVD format.

She purports to spread God’s plan to cure any disease as believes that no disease is incurable, whilst they are all self inflicted. However she isn’t prepared to share the details of the cure with those suffering with disease unless they pay. She is a shining example of an altruistic Christian helping others only when there is a profit to be made.

In desperation many people have contacted Dr Day wanting more details of her ten step health plan which can cure anything, but her stock reply is “everything your daughter/son/mother/husband needs to get well is on my DVD’s and books at my website”. She further advises that everything one needs to know to get well is available on her DVD’s and in her books which should be studied diligently over and over again.

It is natural that people want to hear a little bit more when looking for hope, and are most likely struggling with finances due to medical expenses. However Dr Day prefers to keep God’s plans close to her own chest, now free of the gross tumor she displays in publicity photographs, and repeats that everything one needs to know is on the DVD’s. This preys on people when they are at their most desperate.

Interestingly,  assuming that Dr Day did not have a monopoly on spreading God’s healthcare plan, she was approached with the request that a church may be allowed to copy her DVD’s to pass amongst the ministers who would then be able to aid their congregations. However Dr Day advised them that people do not appreciate things which they can get for free, so giving permission for her work to be copied would be like throwing ‘pearls before swine’. She logically adds that if people can afford a TV and DVD player to watch them on then they should be able to afford the price of the DVD’s which cost no more than the money a woman would spend having her hair done.

Dr Day does reveal that the 10 step health plan is only 10% concerned with nutrition, which centres on a vegan diet which is 25% raw food. Everything else one needs to know is on the DVD’s. She does however insist that every word of her website be studied including all her links.

The writings on her web site are filled with vitriol against so many groups that no rational person could take her words seriously. She condemns WHO, the United Nations, the medical profession and many more. She is a believer in a Zionist conspiracy to take over the world and murder whole populations. Most sickening of all, she adds her name to those of the Holocaust revisionists she supports.

Even if you do believe that all sickness is a result of the way we live, eat, handle stress and choose what to watch on television, it would still make more sense to spend your money on having your hair done than put it in the altruistic hands of Dr Day. It appears that her cancer cure has gone to her head and given her a God complex which she will only share for a price. Everything you need to know to get well is available on Dr Day’s DVD’s.


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