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Does Sex Cure Headaches

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"Does Sex Cure Headaches"
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Keep your clothes on. The jury is still out on this medical phenomenon. But here are some discoveries that are sure to lead to more sex, and hopefully, fewer headaches! There is not a study out there that emphatically states that sex cures headaches. But on the other hand, there are studies that suggest that it might. And that's good news - in more ways than one!

According to a 1988 headache treatment study, James Couch, a neurology professor at Oklahoma Health Sciences Center discovered that; of the women who tried sex with a migraine, 61 percent reported some sort of relief. He also found that sex could stop a migraine "dead in its tracks." More than 20 percent said that sex cured their headaches.

Okay, take that study for what its worth. 20 percent said that sex cured their headaches. Heck, sometimes Advil cures only 20 percent of headaches. And people are still popping Advil. Why? Because 20 percent is better than 0 percent right?

Men, don't go running to the bedroom just yet. Headache doctors say sex can cause or cure a headache. The whole 'sexual healing' when it comes to headaches is still under debate.

But here is your saving grace: Sex may not 'cure' headaches, but it definitely can serve as an activity that can relieve a headache.

So bring your 'honey' a couple of Advil gel caps and tell her to prepare for some lovin'... er... sexual healing, as Marvin Gaye would say. Who knows, it might work.

In fact, triptans, a migraine medication, are recommended for severe migraines since they also help soothe the pain. They 'soothe' the pain, not cure the headache. They might even only soothe 60-80 percent of the headaches and 61 percent of the women who tried sex reported relief.

What does that tell you. Sex? Medication? Sex? Medication? Weigh the options. Hey, what about sex and medication?

In another study, 16 out of 52 migraine sufferers reported relief after an orgasm and another eight had their headaches completely gone. (A South Illinois School Of Medicine study)

Again, more reason for a night of romance. Migraine medication + sex + orgasm gives you a better chance at migraine relief. But that's this writer's non-medical opinion. Take if for what its worth, just like the studies done that determine sex as a neither a cause, nor a cure for a headache. Years of medical school was not needed to determine this!

Stress is a known influencer of headaches. Headache expert Teri Robert clarifies by saying, "Stress alone doesn't trigger Migraines but it does make us more susceptible to our triggers." So, in a way, stress can influence a severe Migraine.

How are these three things: headaches; sex; and stress related?

Well, sex reduces stress! We know that right?

"During arousal, your muscles tense; during orgasm, they twitch, then relax completely," says '50s sex researcher, Alfred Kinsey.

If stress can contribute to headaches, and sex relieves stress, then it is completely possible that sex can relieve headaches. Makes sense right?

It gets better.

In the South Illinois School of Medicine study, it was not the act of sex alone that gave the migraine sufferers relief from a headache; it was the fact that they reached orgasm.

And now it gets worse.

Be forewarned, you can even get a headache while having sex. This does not bode well for your midnight interlude. Here's why: If you reach orgasm too quickly, or have sex in strenuous positions, it may cause what is called a 'Sex Headache.'

Ouch. That's not fun!

A 'Sex Headache' often starts during sex, orgasm, or masturbation. For some it could be for a short period (5 to 10 minutes), for others it could last for hours. In fact, people who have frequent migraines are more prone to suffer from a sex headache.

So sex, as a quick fix, may do more harm than good. For you and your partner. And you thought you had the battle won already.

Ah, but it gets better again.

Well, to explore sex as a cure, or reliever of headaches, it is important to practice longer, better-paced sex in order to reduce the risk of sex headaches. Also, having sex more often can actually help you relieve many types of headaches. Nice!

So yes, in some cases as long as orgasm is reached, sex can relieve a headache. Sex as a cure - it is still to be determined. It is up to you to decide, try, experiment and discover.

Who knew having headaches could be so much fun? Well, at least for one person. Conduct your own test study. Some doctor in 1988 did and came up with mixed results. And another at some University did... with mixed results. Be your own test study and come up with definite results!

Does sex cure headaches? Take all the above studies for what they are worth to you: from a grain of salt to the most valuable piece of information you can take to the bedroom.

At least now, you can enjoy your headache! Happy orgasm!

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