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Does Cold or Wet Weather cause a Cold

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I'm going to answer the question does cold or wet weather cause a cold?
People think that you can catch a cold by:
Sleeping in front of an open window
Sleeping in front of a fan
Getting caught in the rain
Getting sneezed on by a goat
Or by sleeping in front of an open window, next to a fan in the rain, all while getting sneezed on by a goat.
Are all ways you can catch a cold. This is a big myth and isn't true. The real way to catch a cold is not half as interesting. A cold is a viral infection which infects the soft lining of the nose. There are more than 100 viruses which can result in a cold, these germs are spread by direct contact with an infected person though a kiss, sneeze or handshake. A person is contagious from the day before the cold breaks out till 1-3 days after you feel better. The reason that people get colds easier in the winter is because people tend to stay indoors more in the winter, creating a great atmosphere for the nasty germs to spread. A person with a cold may produce 20,000 droplets in a single sneeze, flying at the speed of 160km/h. So if you don't want to catch a cold in the winter time it just may be better if you stay outside in the cold, you might freeze but at least you won't catch one of those nasty colds. This also means that you can go around during winter wearing shorts and t-shirts, knowing that you wont get sick, cool aye. Other ways to avoid getting a cold are to:
Keep well away from people with colds
Avoid crowded places
Wash your hands
And keep your rooms well aired
And ways to tell if you have caught a cold include:
A runny nose
A sore throat
And coughing
If you do have a cold you might as well know that there is no effective way to treat them, but you could try eating chicken soup, as this has a mild antibiotic effect which helps to treat colds. And you should also avoid smoking as it irritates the infected area. You could also try sleeping with your head on a high pillow. There have been studies to prove all that I have just been telling you. So yeah the common cold has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather and temperature. And what medicine do ghosts take for a cold? Coffin drops.

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