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Disadvantages of using Chewing Tobacco to Quit Smoking

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"Disadvantages of using Chewing Tobacco to Quit Smoking"
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If you are a smoker who is trying to quit smoking, there are several ways in which you might attempt to attain the goal. Chewing tobacco might seem like one of the best answers to your problem. The goal is to stop the smoke from going into your lungs, right? That is partially true. There are many advantages of using chewing tobacco to quit smoking, but there are great disadvantages to it also.

Disadvantages of using chewing tobacco to quit smoking:

Teeth- Your teeth become discolored much faster when you chew tobacco in order to try to quit smoking. Your teeth will suffer discoloring when you smoke cigarettes, but chewing tobacco comes into direct contact with the tooth's surface making them more susceptible to staining.

Spitting- When you chew tobacco, you also have to spit it somewhere. This can be a problem if someone takes away the container that you are spitting in. It is also not a very attractive thing to do. You have to carry something around with you at all times that contains your already chewed tobacco and your spit. That is another thing that is definitely not attractive.

Accidents- When you have a bottle that you are using to spit the tobacco into, there is a good chance your or someone else will accidentally drink the mixture thinking it is something else. chewing tobacco has a very foul taste when combined with spit. It is also very unhealthy to swallow. That is why you spit it. This is one of the most disgusting disadvantages of using chewing tobacco to quit smoking.

Cancer- People who have quit smoking by using chewing tobacco feel they have left the dangers of cancer behind them. The truth is, it is just a trade off. Though you may be reducing your risk for lung cancer, you will now be at a much higher risk for cancer of the mouth. Do not make the mistake of thinking that just because you quit smoking cigarettes for chewing tobacco that you can't get cancer. That is a dangerous misconception. Make yourself aware of the actual risk you are trading one tobacco for the other for.

Kissing- If you chew tobacco to attempt to quit smoking, you will find this can be a problem. Kissing is out of the question while you have chewing tobacco in your mouth. This can be quite a pickle if your partner is trying to give you a spontaneous kiss and you have tobacco in your mouth. Smoking a cigarette allows you to quickly move the cigarette away from the mouth. If you have chewing tobacco in your mouth, you have to stop the other person, take the tobacco out of your mouth and then kiss. That isn't any fun at all.

There are some advantages of chewing tobacco in order to quit smoking. You have to weigh the advantages against the disadvantages to see if it may be the right option for you. If you are a person who truly wants to quit smoking but has found it impossible to do so, substituting tobacco for the cigarette smoke might do the trick.


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