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Develop Body Mind and Spirit through Walking

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"Develop Body Mind and Spirit through Walking"
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Develop mind, body and spirit through walking

For years, walking has been promoted as a good way to manage your weight and to keep your heart healthy. We all know that walking on a regular basis will make our bodies stronger, increase our endurance and flexibility, decrease chances of osteoporosis, and improve our overall health.

There are as many rewards from walking for your mind and spirit as there are for your body. Through walking, serotonin levels (the hormone that reduces stress and gives you a sense of well-being) rise. During this period of well-being, people find that their thoughts clear and creativity and productivity increase.

Many artists and writers have discovered this connection between walking and the collaboration of body, mind, and spirit. They use walking to discard thoughts of everyday life and to spark imaginative thinking. They know that walking helps them to get in touch with the creativity within them. They also know that they are able to concentrate better by clearing their minds during a walk.

Walking also is of benefit when you are trying to solve a problem. If you are stewing over something that is bothering you, a walk often helps you find the answer you need. During the walk, the repetition of your steps and the rhythm of the experience will provide a framework for clearer thinking.

If these benefits occur naturally by merely going out for a walk around the block, imagine the benefits you could reap by setting out to develop your mind, body, and spirit through a regular walking program. Here's a plan to do just that:

1. Choose a time of day that is best for you. Set aside that time to not only walk but to clear your mind during the walk. Don't try to force your walk by choosing a time you don't like. It'll only build resentment within you. Instead of concentrating on clearing your mind for those benefits to mind, body, and soul, you'll end up concentrating on how much you hate walking at that time.

2. Choose a pleasing route for your walk. Make it one that is not too challenging. Athletic walking routes are for another exercise session and for another purpose. This walk is to reach harmony of mind, body, and spirit. If you choose a pleasing walking route, you'll be able to concentrate on the synergy between mind, body and spirit instead of concentrating on the walk.

3. Allow the walk to work for you. While walking, choose a positive affirmation to recite. Make the most of the experience by promoting positive thoughts and emotions to replace negative ones.

4. Often keeping a journal helps to solidify those positive thoughts you gained during the walk. After the walk, record how you felt during the walk and any ideas that came through while you were walking.

Through repetition of your walking regime, you'll soon realize a cumulative effect. You'll feel a melding of body, mind and spirit in a new and healthy way. Eventually you'll wonder why you ever hesitated before starting a walking program.

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