Depression it can Make you Feel Tired all the Time

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"Depression it can Make you Feel Tired all the Time"
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Speaking purely from experience...Depression CAN Make you tired all the time. I have been asking my doctors why I have been as tired as I have bee for years without good solid answers or even a guess to a solution. I am against medication of any sort because again from experience, medication may take away the symptoms of depression, but when you stop taking the medication, you may still be left with the original problem to deal with as was my case.

So rather than have to equalize my life by finding solutions to side effects of drugs that may or may not take the reason for the depression away, I have opted for a natural approach.

What I have learned in the process is that a natural approach may not be enough either. In recent years I have noticed a overall sense of dullness and loss of joy in my life. Enough sleep is never enough. All the exercise in the world does not put back the vitality that my depression has robbed from me. I flip flop back and forth from insomnia to I cant get enough sleep. I can't fall asleep or stay asleep. I took the "Hamilton" test for depression and I know I rated quite highly on the depression scale.

I have tried St. Johns Wort, Energy Drinks, Super Decaffeinating, Naps, and a host of other solutions to my problem and have not found anything that would lift this heavy veil of depression off my life. I eat for convenience as do most of us so I suppose it should be no surprise that I have to deal with this loss of quality of life. I have however, stumbled across something that I suspect will have a great impact on my life.

Amino Acids.

I have been on a strict regiment of Amino Acids and Vitamins for 4 days. On day 4, I informed my husband that I felt genuinely happy for the first time in years. I slept more soundly than I can remember and I am not tacked down to my anxiety, I feel free to move and roam and explore. I tasted a brief moment of joy that I thought may bring me to my knees, because I have forgotten what joy felt like. I feel like this depression cellophane is being peeled away and I am no longer so focused on my self that I cant get out of my own way. You should have a look at how you stack up nutritionally if you struggle with low energy and depression. It may be as far as you need to go.

I found a free ebook online that pointed me in the right direction. If you are curious, go have a look for yourself...." The Way Up from Down " by Pricilla Slagle will fill you in on Amino Acids, and who knows? Maybe even help get your life back, too.

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