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Chinese Exercise Balls Magnetic Therapy

Chi Balls 1
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"Chinese Exercise Balls Magnetic Therapy"
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Recently, I began using Chinese exercise balls or (CHI) balls and magnetic bracelets for my arthritic wrist. Writing and typing a lot has a tendency to make my wrist swell and stiffen to the point that I can't bend it or even hold a glass.

I make jewelry as a hobby, so I made myself a couple of magnetic hematite bracelets and I will put them on the affected wrist and use the exercise balls in one or both hands, either clockwise or counterclockwise, for up to half an hour, two or three nights a week while sitting in front of the tv. When I do this regularly, I don't have the swelling and stiffness that I have had in the past after writing or typing all day long.

This had been recommended to me years ago by a man with arthritis. I'd used the Exercise balls before with a great results, but with the magnetic bracelets for weekly maintenance; they really make a difference for me. If you have arthritis like me, you might like to try this combination.

Originally created for the Emperors of China over 2000 years ago, these were designed to promote overall health and stamina by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain and vital organs. They come in two adult sizes and a small size for children. They have chimes inside of them, Yin/Yang for the male and female energies. These are very soothing and will relax you. The two balls are rolled around in the palm of each hand for as long as you can. Careful though, they are heavy and it does hurt if you drop one on your toe.

They are not expensive. I have a set that I got for 12.00, but I've seen them anywhere from 10.00 to 25.00. I purchased mine at a Korean food store, but many health food stores and spas sell them as well. They can also be purchased online at some Martial Arts stores and other specialty stores. The magnetic bracelets can be made or purchased at similar stores and many Jewelry counters also have them.

Using this combination of "Chi" balls and magnetic bracelets, has virtually eliminated my need for a wrist brace. And I am so glad to be rid of that miserable thing!

Of course, this is my personal experience. If you are having serious wrist or hand problems, check with your doctor. There may be something else wrong that requires another course of treatment. I can not vouch for the overall health benefits of the "Chi" balls, but my wrist is indeed a lot less painful and stiff; many days it does not hurt at all.

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