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Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men

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"Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men"
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Causes for low sex drive in men...

*What causes low sex drive in men?:

Men who have a low level of testosterone can inhibit erectile function, and this is what causes men to suffer effects of a low sex drive. A man's brain has testosterone which stimulates the nerves and their sex drive begins when the testosterone is released and it stimulates receptors in the brain and this then releases nitric oxide into their system. As this happens, the nitric oxide causes the muscles of the penis to relax and this allows blood flow, which in turn, causes the man to get an erection. When a man suffers from a low libido or a low sex drive, it is a common symptom of andropause. When a man is suffering from low testosterone levels (andropause), this reduces the levels of the hormones which causes them to have a stimulation of the nerves in their brain; therefore, that induces a sexual desire and affects the erectile function. If a man is suffering from low testosterone levels, they will also suffer low sex drive.

A man who suffers from an unhealthy diet and does not exercise, this can cause a reduction of blood flow to the penis and this affects their sexual functions. When they have a healthy diet and they exercise on a regular basis, this increases the blood flow to the penis and they'll see a good result in their sexual function. If a man suffers from high levels of estrogen, this can also have a negative impact on their male sexual desires. Yes, it can be said, "A man who lives a life of exercising and watching their nutrition, will normally have a normal sexual desire in their life. It should also be noted, drinking and smoking can also have a bad impact on a man's libido. 

*Here are a few other killers of a person's sex drive:

(1)  Obesity & poor exercise habits
(2)  Drugs, excessive drinking & smoking
(3)  Stress 
(4)  Overwork and tiredness
(5)  Lack of sleep
(6)  A distant relationship with their mate
(7)  Extreme worry & inability to concentrate
(8)  Anxiety and a continual rush-rush
(9)  Poor health


There is help for men who suffer from low testosterone deficiencies. If you're one of these people who is suffering from low libido, the first thing you should do is seek a physician's advice and have blood tests run to see if your testosterone level is low. Physician's can prescribe testosterone shots and/or testosterone patches to supply testosterone into your system. Don't suffer from something that can be easily treated by having a physical examination.


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