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Bulletin Board Ideas for a Doctors Office

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"Bulletin Board Ideas for a Doctors Office"
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A doctor's office may find a bulletin board to be very useful for educating and informing their patients and making an attractive display.  There are many items that a doctor can put on such a board, including the following ideas.

Useful health tips

Many doctors get into medicine to help people feel better, and you can help accomplish these goals through the use of a bulletin board.  You can give tips related to your specialization, using both pictures and writing to get your points across.  For instance, if you are a cardiologist, then you can write out tips to keep your heart healthy such as exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, not smoking and so forth.  You can put up graphics such as pictures of the vegetables that are good to eat or a treadmill or so forth.  If you are an ear, nose and throat doctor you can talk about do's and don'ts such as going to the doctor if you have ear pain and not using a cue tip to clean out your ear.  You can always have the same bulletin board continuously or you can rotate the information on the board.

Meet the doctors

You can also use the bulletin board to introduce new patients to the staff at the doctor's office, including contact information, hours and so forth.  A lot of people don't even know half of the people at their doctor's offices, and these people might be integral in their healthcare.  You can put in pictures, biographies and so forth.  You can also talk about the evolution and characteristics of the practice such as how many locations it has, whom it serves, the services offered and so forth.  You can even have a box for people to leave comments and suggestions.

Diagrams of organs/the body

Many patients do not know the first thing about the organs that keep their body running smoothly.  You can use a bulletin board to post up diagrams of the different organs that play a role in your practice.  A cardiologist can put up pictures of the heart, a dermatologist can put up pictures of the layers of skin, an ear, nose and throat doctor can put up pictures of the ear and so forth.

A bulletin board can be an eye-catching and useful item for a doctor's office.  Consider the above ideas when deciding what to put on your board. You can also combine them to get multiple uses out of the board.

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