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Beverly Hills Formula Whiteningtoothpaste

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Beverly Hills Formula - Sensitive - Whitening Toothpaste

Beverly Hills Formula is whitening toothpaste which claims to remove 90% of tooth staining. Being sensitive toothpaste it is suitable for people who suffer with teeth and gums which are prone to tingling, pain and soreness which would suffer from a stronger blend of toothpaste. The makers claim the toothpaste to be Sensitive' along with Maximum strength. Presumably the Maximum Strength' is describing the cleaning and whitening effect that you can attain from using Beverly Hills Formula Sensitive on a regular basis.

The product is contained within an eye-catching large size, silver and white box, which stands out amongst the many other brands of toothpastes for sale upon the shelves. It states that this formula is Low Abrasion' and will give the teeth a Natural White' effect; claiming to be extra gentle whilst effectively protecting against tartar build-up. It will also give the mouth a fresher breath after using.

Beverly Hills Formula offers a fast acting cleansing and long lasting guard for sensitive teeth. It's promised whitening properties can be noticed after using the toothpaste for just a few days. The effect is very gradual, but if brushing your teeth with Beverly Hills Formula, day and night you will notice that your teeth are considerably whiter after about three days; I did.

Its extra gentle formula doesn't leave that sharp, burning sensation within the mouth that you can experience with full strength toothpaste. The taste of the Beverly Hills toothpaste is of a spearmint flavour. It smells like peppermint but tastes of spearmint; which I like. I don't like a strong tasting toothpaste that leaves a sharp after taste. So this suits me fine. It also promises complete protection against plaque and tartar build up.

The actual toothpaste is quite thin, not as thick and pasty as some of the other brands of toothpaste. But it seems to do a good job of cleaning the teeth just fine. The after taste is of a pleasant spearmint flavour and the teeth feel well cleaned. You do not need a huge amount of the toothpaste, covering about half the length of the toothbrush is sufficient to ensure thorough cleaning. I have experienced no tingling or sensitivity to my teeth or gums when using the Beverly Hills Formula. It really is quite a mild strength but does deliver effective cleaning.

The tube I purchased is quite large, being 125ml/165g and once opened it should be used within 12 months. The price was just over 2.00 from Tesco, which is an excellent price considering a tube of Rembrandt whitening toothpaste will set you back nearly 8.00. Rembrandt is an excellent whitener but given the price difference, I feel that Beverly Hills is a far better deal.

The toothpaste's formula is gentle on the enamel of the teeth and it contains ingredients which relieve the discomfort of tooth and gum pain sensitivity.
It also is an effective deterrent to plaque of the teeth. Its gentle formula also whitens teeth well without any abrasive qualities within the toothpaste and it leaves your breath fresh and your teeth well cleaned.

- Ingredients

Aqua Sorbitol Hydrated Silica Xylitol Potassium Citrate Glycerin Pentasodium Triphosphate Sodium Bicarbinate Sodium Laurel Sulfate Aroma - Cellulose Gum Sodium Monofluorophosphate Sodium Saccharin Limocene CI 77891.

The box carries a guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product for some reason, you will receive a full purchase price refund; can't say fairer than that.


Beverly Hills Formula is a very good whitening and cleaning toothpaste. I saw results on the whiteness of my teeth after just a few days and noticed my gums were pinker also. I love the flavour of the toothpaste and I found the spearmint taste quite pleasant. It is also a gentle enough formula which can be used every day. The price was very good at just over 2 for a large tube. I would also recommend this toothpaste to smokers as it does remove the staining on the teeth quite well. I would say that Beverly Hills Whitening is an all round excellent product that does what it says on the box. -

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