Best Places to Live for People with Arthritis

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"Best Places to Live for People with Arthritis"
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Arthritis is a common medical condition which usually affects the joints and other parts of the body including internal organs. Inflamed and stiff joints are symptoms of arthritis. Other symptoms include fatigue and pain in the swollen parts of the body especially the ankles, knees, and hands. Arthritis is an auto-immune disease. The inflammation is caused by the immune system attacking healthy joints. Although this condition can be controlled with appropriate medication, the weather and climate where a person living with arthritis stays should also be considered.

People with arthritis tend to feel better in places where the climate is warmer. Although the illness will not go away because of the warm climate, the symptoms become less. Most people who suffer from arthritis complain of more pain and discomfort during cold weather. Many experience stiffness and aching in the joints. The effect of warm weather is positive for those with arthritis. This is mainly because in warm weather; people tend to be more active. The activity eases the stiffness in the joints therefore minimizing the pain and discomfort.

Studies have shown that high barometric pressure, affects people suffering from arthritis. It is therefore important for people with arthritis to take note of their surroundings so as to be aware of what brings more suffering and what eases their problems.

The best places for people with arthritis to live are chosen on individual preference. Most commonly, people prefer to live in a place where the weather is relatively warm most of the year providing more relaxed atmosphere for those living with arthritis. It is important to choose a place where you are happy and comfortable and where you can have easy communication with family and friends. It is also important to consider the ease of access to medical facilities and medication. Sometimes it is not possible to have your family close by. In this case; choose a place where you will enjoy living and will not feel isolated and lonely.

In relation to the weather; one of the best places for people with arthritis to live is the state of California which boasts a warm climate year-round. Florida is another favored state because it too has a warm climate. Places like Texas, Arizona, and Utah are also good places to live for people who suffer from arthritis. The drier areas which don’t experience extreme weather changes are good for people with arthritis to live in.

Choosing a place to live for those with arthritis is a matter of individual preference. Moving to warmer areas does not mean that the arthritis will go away. The pain and discomfort may become less in certain climates but the overall choice should be made on personal happiness and physical comfort of the affected person.


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