Best Places for People with Arthritis to Live

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"Best Places for People with Arthritis to Live"
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Arthritis is a painful, debilitating condition, and some sufferers are so anxious for relief from their symptoms that they will even consider relocating to another country. While some studies are inconclusive, the majority of anecdotal evidence would seem to suggest that many people with arthritis find relief by moving to a country with a warmer, drier climate than their homeland, and cold weather certainly seems to intensify joint pain. These are some of the best places to live if you have arthritis.


Anyone who suffers from rheumatism or arthritis can make a smart health move by relocating to Spain, particularly the Costa Blanca on the eastern seaboard, where the salt lakes around Santa Pola and Torrevieja ensure a warm, dry climate all year round. Air quality is good, and the terrain of the Costa Blanca is level, which makes getting around much easier for people with painful joints. Rainfall in Spain is low, and this is also a plus factor, as many arthritis sufferers experience more pain during cold, wet weather.

Avoid the area around Madrid and some parts of Northern Spain, as the winters can be very cold. Northern Spain has several ski resorts, so there can be a lot of snow during the winter. That's bad news for your pain, and you run the risk of falls which can further damage those joints.

Italy has a similar climate to Spain, making life much easier for people with joint pain. The cost of living is among the cheapest in Europe, so it's another option available to you.

Arizona, USA

Although some areas of Arizona have a monsoon season in July and August which may impact arthritis pain, the area around Phoenix is said to be a great place to live if you have arthritis. Humidity is low, and the climate is generally warm, which helps to ease joint pain. The air is clean, and there is little barometric pressure fluctuation, which can have an adverse effect on joint pain.

California, USA

San Diego,  is also warm and dry, with minimal movement in barometric pressure, and it may be a better choice than Arizona if you prefer to live near the coast. Yucca Valley has a similar climate, with the added bonus of a proliferation of yucca plants. No surprises there, with such a name. Yucca is a great natural remedy for arthritis pain and inflammation. More than 20% of the population of Yucca Valley is aged 65 or over, so that  gives you a heads up.

When deciding to relocate because of the problems associated with arthritis, there are other factors to consider, besides symptom relief. You may not wish to remove yourself from the support system of family and friends, and you should be sure that health care in your chosen country is readily available and affordable. If your mobility is restricted, it may not be a good idea to move to a remote area, because you will be virtually stranded during flares.

That said, a warmer, drier climate may mean you can reduce your pain killing medication, and you may consider it to be worth the move on the strength of that alone. In the final analysis, it all comes down to individual circumstances and choices.

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