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Benefits of Flavored Water over Normal Water

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"Benefits of Flavored Water over Normal Water"
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There are no significant health benefits to drinking flavored water except for the fact that it encourages much more to be consumed.  For many individuals, the lack of taste associated with water makes it a last resort when thirst strikes.  The real danger in this is that many of the things we drink do not actually provide the water we think we are getting.  For instance, drinks such as tea, coffee and coke actually cause the body to lose water as the body tries to get rid of the harmful things in those drinks.  By substituting coke with a flavored water, you greatly increase your hydration levels.  Water is absolutely vital to a proper functioning body.  While your body can last a few weeks without food, and even longer without other nutrients, death occurs very quickly from dehydration and the effects of a deficiency of water, even for only a day or two, can be permanent and extremely harmful.

Below are some of the major functions that water performs in the body and why flavored water which encourages consumption is necessary

1.  Temperature regulation -  By sweating, our bodies are able to reduce our core temperature.  The body uses water to transport heat from the inside of our bodies to the surface.  The water is then expelled through pores where it evaporates, taking heat with it.  That is why hot, humid days are so dangerous to humans.  If the sweat we produce doesn't evaporate, the heat stays on the skin.

2.  Transport of soluble compounds -  Almost everything we eat is water soluble when it gets broken down by the stomach and is absorbed by the small intestines.  Nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals are mostly all transported around the body in water and taken to the places they are needed.  As we become dehydrated, the amount of nutrients we can absorb falls drastically.

3.  Metabolism-  The process by which carbohydrates, protein and fat are converted into energy all require the presence of water.  This is why when you are dehydrated, some of the most noticeable symptoms are fatigue and mental confusion.  Both the brain and the muscles of the body are lacking the energy they need to function properly.

4  Toxic transport -  The body uses water, both in sweat and in urine to transport otherwise toxic items from the body.  While feces is made up of undigestable foods, urine is  actually constructed by the body of all the things that it needs to get rid of in a hurry.  The body then uses water as the transportation mechanism to get those toxic things out of the body.

5.  Digestion -  Water is a necessary part of breaking down a food and getting it absorbed into the body throught he small intestines.  Without water a large percentage of the nutrients in our food would simply pass through the body and exit it in our feces.

For those individuals who would ignore water as a refreshment, flavored water is a great tool to use to make sure we stay hydrated.

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