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Are Lemons Good for your Health

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"Are Lemons Good for your Health"
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The health benefits of lemons are often underestimated. Most everyone knows lemons as a tart and sour fruit which we use to improve the taste of different foods and beverages.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C but contains also a little bit of other important nutrients for our health, for example magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. The high proportion of vitamin C is the main reason why lemons can be considered as one of the necessary substances in our daily diet.

Here are some properties of lemons which may help you to understand why lemons can be considered as one of the healthiest fruit.

- Lemons are rich in vitamin C - Vitamin C can be considered as the most valuable substance in lemons. This vitamin improves our resistance against bacteria's and viruses. One large lemon contains 45 mg vitamin C and this is already 75% of the daily required intake of this necessary vitamin. Vitamin C reduces also the risk of developing cancer and is helpful to prevent heart

- Lemons are helpful to treat and prevent digestion problems if you add some
hot water to this healthy fruit. However, citrus fruits are not recommended if you suffer nausea, heartburn, constipation and worm infestations; lemon juice can be helpful to relieve the pain. It is possible to make lemon juice if you add water to lemons. This juice will act as a tonic to the liver if you drink this beverage regularly in the morning. Lemon juice is helpful to digest your
daily food without stomach problems.

- Lemons can also be considered as a diuretic. This fruit is helpful for people who suffer urinary infections and the pain of rheumatism and arthritis can be reduced through this yellow fruit.

- Lemons are also helpful to treat skin problems. Especially if you suffer acne or eczema, you need to apply the juice of lemons immediately to the skin and this will help you the discomforts of these terrible problems. Lemons will also prevent and remove wrinkles of your skin.

- Lemon is a fruit which can prevent or control diabetes and osteoarthritis (if mixed with water).

There are differences in the quality of lemons. It is important you can distinguish good quality lemons from these which contain fewer vitamins. Thin-skinned lemons will have less flesh and contain also less juice. A quality lemon is heavy for its size and the color need to be fully yellow otherwise they are not ripe and doesn't contain fewer vitamins.

Lemons can be considered as one of the necessities in our daily diet. The disadvantage of drinking lemons is its source taste and that is why most people use it in many sauces, dressings and even tea. Most people will mix lemons with water to drink or they mix it with orange juice or some other kind of fruit juice. This will temper the source taste and you will still enjoy all the health benefits of lemons.

Lemons are helpful to treat and cure many diseases but don't expect that lemons will cure all diseases.

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