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baby with toy in mouth

Abortion is Wrong

baby with toy in mouth
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"Abortion is Wrong"
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Abortion is morally and ethically wrong because two wrongs don't make a right. And what is a wrong, someone could ask? A wrong is an act that goes against what is good for nature and for mankind, is against the natural enviroment,  and it cancels out good. How does that figure into abortion? Where does that second wrong come from? It may be wrong to have an abortion, but was it wrong to get pregnant in the first place? It was wrong if the persons involved were not ready to accept the consequences of their actions.

Life is sacred, and to use the life of another for amusement and pleasure is wrong. To look upon procreation as an amusement is wrong. It is a means by which life continues and it is a gift given to those who are mature enough to accept it as it is, not only when it is convenient and appropriate for them.

When out of this fun party a woman becomes pregnant, if is it out of the question to carry the baby to term, what is she supposed to do? She is still in high school, her life is ahead of her, and why should she sacrifice her life for that of baby? It is a little late now to start thinking about what her life that is ahead of her, that should have been an ongoing goal forever in front of her eyes. She is in school and is now faced with the lesson of a lifetime. Who is at fault? Society as whole is at fault. This young girl may indeed be one of its teachers.

The only choice is to go on have the baby, and finish school and live life for two instead of two. That is the only moral thing to do. Help is out there for them, and while life will be hard, a lesson in morality will have been learned. Is she is unable to care for the baby herself, adoption is an option. Far from being a way out, a young mother who loves her baby and wants a good life for this new life, will undergo the pain of separation and allow other loving parents to guide and love her child.

Life is ongoing, and it is serious, and to treat it carelessly is a sure way of being stung by its wrong use. This article only asks about the morality and the ethics of killing a baby while in the uterus, it does not ask about where we all came from initially. Yet considering that question will make all the difference whether abortion is ever an option where life is concerned.

And another question that raises is one that is often heard is overpopulation. What are we to do with all the children that is being born. Will earth be able to feed them? Well maybe it will, and maybe it won't, but the answer cannot be any other than a series of questions: 

When will the world wake up and take responsibility for its actions instead of racing on in its pleasure bent course? Is the reproductive act meant to be the commercially available plaything it has become? When will the truth of the fact of the matter emerge from its underground vaults and be studied for the wisdom  it will impart? When will the world learn that God's ways are not the ways of the world, but should be?

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